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When you regularly take a gamble at an online casino, you know that they regularly offer you bonuses. This is of course interesting, because this way you can get used to certain games plus you can take a bet without risk. Most online casinos will require you to make a deposit first. However, there are also casinos that offer you a no deposit bonus without deposit. We at casinoweb know how that works, so let’s take a closer look at nonstopbonus possibilities.

Nonstopbonus: Welcome Bonus

As the name implies, this bonus welcomes new players to an online casino. By registering as a new player and also opt in to accept bonuses, you can start using this type of bonus. Keep in mind that you can only register once at an online casino. So if you create a second account under a different name, the casino will notice this anyway when you request a withdrawal. For example, by matching your bank details, IP address, etc. The welcome bonus will be offered by almost every online casino. Yet there are many different forms. For example, you can only get free spins or only a bonus or a combination of these.

In addition, the amounts or numbers offered differ per casino. There are also many casinos that work with welcome packages. These can sum up to several hundred euros and are then awarded gradually, sometimes in combination with free spins. However, deposits are required for these. When an online casino gives you a no deposit welcome bonus you can assume that this will only be free spins or a single bonus.


With the welcome bonus, an online casino welcomes new players. Usually a deposit is required for this, but this isn’t always the case.

Nonstopbonus: Free Spins

Free spins are a favorite tool of online casinos when it comes to a no deposit bonus. These are often given away for popular games, including the well-known names Starburst, Megafortune and Gonzo’s Quest. Or they are given away to promote certain new slots. Where a normal bonus is sporadically given without bonus conditions, you can assume with free spins that they are always given away with these bonus conditions. You should always clear free spins, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win. Free spins are often given to existing players to get them playing again, but new players are also seduced to a casino in this way. Of course with the hope that you will still deposit afterwards.


Free spins are the most common no deposit bonus. They are usually given on popular slots or to promote new games.

Nonstopbonus: No Deposit Bonus

most interesting bonus of all is of course the no deposit bonus, in other words
a bonus without depositing. In some cases, you are limited with the bet at
certain online casinos, for example games can be excluded. That’s only the case
when you receive a no deposit bonus with bonus conditions. The no deposit
without bonus conditions, or just cash, you can normally bet on all available
games. There are not many casinos that offer such a bonus to new players. Such
a no deposit bonus is generally just with bonus conditions, which must be
cleared. Existing and depositing players can qualify for this type of bonus.
Especially if you deposit more serious amounts. There are different rules for
awarding bonuses for customer service agents. It’s possible that you are
already eligible for a nice no deposit bonus!


The no deposit bonus is of course the most interesting. Existing players are eligible for this type of bonus and in some cases new players too. 

Other ways to get nonstopbonus:

If you are an existing customer of an online casino and you’ve already made significant deposits before, it is not illogical at all that they should give you something in return. There are certain deposit thresholds from which you are eligible to get a certain bonus from the casino. These deposit thresholds often do not depend on whether you have recently deposited, it is about the total amount of your deposits. Some casinos give these bonuses automatically while others require you to ask for it. Well let’s ask for it then! There’s nothing weird about it. You don’t wanna know how this works in other, mainly Asian, countries. There customer services are called or chatted completely crazy by players.

Non-depositing players are also eligible for certain bonuses such as free spins. When you create an account, the marketing and/or sales department of that casino will at some point try to trigger you to deposit money. Not all casinos do that, but certainly most do. I’d say sign up for free with some of the available online casinos and just wait and see. You will see that after a while you will automatically get something. For example, when new games are promoted or when it’s your birthday.


As an existing player you often qualify for a bonus sooner than you think, so just ask. Newly registered players often have to wait a little longer without making a deposit.

Bonus conditions:

Of course, online casinos don’t just give anything away. In the fierce competition for the player, they want to go far, but do take nonstopbonus conditions into account. These conditions have been developed to protect online casinos against the so-called bonus hunters. These are players who never deposit but constantly hunt for bonuses. Besides the fact that serious amounts can be won with bonuses, these bonuses that casinos give away for themselves are not for free. They are simply included by the accountant in the final results. Thus, online casinos really try to limit the issuance of nonstopbonuses

The bonus conditions can always be found on the homepage of an online casino, usually in the footer (bottom) of the page. Always read these! They differ per casino and when you are used to the conditions of a certain casino and then start playing at another casino with that thought in mind, you can be very unlucky. If you violate the conditions, an online casino will not hesitate to not pay out your bonus and to have it disappear from your balance. So keep that in mind.

Examples that can be found in the bonus conditions are: the period in which you can clear the bonus, the wagering conditions, the maximum bet and which games are excluded or count to a lesser extent when clearing. If the conditions are not clear enough for you, please contact customer service for further explanation. You can also often track certain things in your player account, such as how far you are with clearing a bonus.


Always read the bonus conditions! If you violate these conditions, the casino will not hesitate to deduct winnings from your balance.

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